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Nothing worked for me… I went to college because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. All my friends were doing it, and since they jumped off the bridge, I did too. Talk about peer pressure.

I studied psychology and sociology because I’ve always been fascinated by people, their behaviors, and their beliefs. It was something that captured my attention, but only for so long.

My true passion was writing. There was nothing I’d rather be doing than making up a story even if I didn’t show anyone. It was my obsession, my escape. Growing up in a broken home gave me some issues. Reading was the only relief I had to that.

After college, I worked different gigs to keep the lights on in my apartment, but the second I clocked out, I was slaving away on a manuscript that I had no intention of showing anyone else.

When I finally told people I wanted to give this writing thing a shot, they practically laughed at me. “A million to one,” they would tell me. “Sorry, girl. It’s not gonna happen.”

Well, this is me proving them wrong.

My first novel, Ray of Light, is coming out March 1st. And I intend to finish the series this year.

Ray of Light

The Ray Series Book 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the title Ray Of Light refer to?

You’ll have to read it yourself and develop your own interpretation, but the title is referring to the main character Rae. She’s the glue that holds her family together, and when things get tough, she gets tougher. Ryker is plagued by darkness, something readers can see from the beginning. Perhaps she’s the torch that can light his way.

What inspired you to write Ray Of Light?

There wasn’t one specific event. For all artists, it seems like inspiration comes from a random place. It falls out of the sky and lands on our heads. But I think the story reflects the way I’ve felt in my life. My friends have become my family, and my brother Luke is the most inspiring person that I know. Without him, I’m not sure where I would be.

What are we going to like about Ryker?

Well…he’s hot. Let me lead with that. He’s filthy rich, sophisticated, and he’s got that intensity we all love. But the most interesting thing about him is his standoffish attitude. He doesn’t seem to care much about anything, particularly when it comes to women and relationships. It’s fun to see how quickly that changes when he meets Rae. When he meets a woman who refuses to wait around for him, he wants her all the more. It becomes obvious that she’s not like all the others. That mystery intrigues him, haunts him. And when he sees her shining light, he follows.

The secondary cast has some decent spotlight in this story. Why is that?

To really know someone, you need to see whom they associate with. And you need to see how they treat and love others. There’s a secondary story going on with the rest of the cast, and most of the scenes are funny enough to make you chuckle. They construct the universe where Rae and Ryker live.